What Are the Ovoro Asset Collections, and How Do They Manage Risk?

June 8, 2023
6 min read

Cryptocurrency trading has become very popular over the years. Today, we have millions of people investing in various digital assets. As a result, crypto ownership has grown to over 400 million.

India, China, and the United States hold the top 3 positions globally.

a bar chart showing cypto ownership in millions worlwide per continent
As of March 2023, globally, crypto adoption has surpassed 400 million.
a bar chart showing which are the top 10 counnties in crypto ownership.
India, China, and the USA are the top 3 countries worldwide.

Interest in crypto will grow further, and so will the figures above.

However, due to the nature of the crypto market, it’s challenging to keep up with its trends and fluctuations, especially for beginners.

That is where Ovoro comes into play. Acting as your crypto trading assistant, Ovoro simplifies crypto investing, making it possible for non-professionals to invest in cryptocurrencies and achieve their goals.

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To understand how Ovoro does that, first, we need to identify the main challenges in crypto investing.

Challenges in crypto investing

Knowledge, skills, and emotions

Before investing on your own, you need a good understanding of the market, specific skills, and experience to guarantee yourself some success.

That said, even experienced and skillful investors make mistakes due to emotions and other biases that affect decision-making.

Profit loss in crypto trading can be attributed not only to the lack of knowledge and the absence of skills but also — to poor stress and emotion management.

Diversification and risk management

Portfolio diversification plays an essential role in crypto investing because it helps with risk management.

It is not a good idea to invest in one cryptocurrency as it may experience a sudden drop and lead to significant losses.  

Stop-loss points are another risk management tool used to prevent losses after a certain point.


Unlike traditional markets, the crypto market operates 24/7. That makes it next to impossible for manual traders to keep up. 

There is a risk of missing out on opportunities or experiencing losses, especially if not following a good trading plan with stop loss points in place.

a man's hand stopping dpmonos from falling
Stop-loss points are an important risk-management tool.

How does Ovoro face these challenges?

Because Ovoro’s AI analyzes the market at all times, Ovoro has the knowledge and skills part covered for you. 

You do not need to have profound knowledge about the market or years of experience as a crypto investor. Ovoro also solves the time problem because it trades automatically for you 24/7.

Also, since Ovoro is an app and not human, human errors in trading due to emotions, stress, fatigue, etc., have been eliminated.

However, it is the Ovoro collections and how they are created that truly unleashes your investment potential.

The Ovoro asset collections are the best and easiest way to diversify your investment portfolio with just a few taps on your phone. 

There is no need to become an expert on any of the cryptocurrencies out there. We have preselected them for you, and there is no need to do anything other than choose your favorite collection.

multiple phons showing Ovoro asset collections
With Ovoro, you can invest in multi-asset collections.

Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum — two of the most well-known cryptocurrencies out there, Ovoro offers several multi-asset collections that allow you to invest in multiple currencies at the same time. 

You do not have to manually select crypto assets and wonder which one to prioritize as you would on a crypto exchange, which is not just a great way to start your portfolio diversification — it is also the safest and easiest route to go about it.

What are the other Ovoro Asset Collections and which assets can I invest in?

With Ovoro's multi-asset collections, you can invest in several assets simultaneously.


The Ovoro DeFi collection trades assets used in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services. This multi-asset collection currently includes the following assets:

  • Aave
  • Avalanche
  • Curve
  • Fantom
  • Chainlink


The Ovoro Winter asset collection trades with Binance leveraged tokens (BLVTs). BLVTs give users leveraged exposure to the underlying asset. At the moment, traded BLVTs are BTCDOWN and ETHDOWN with 1:1 allocation.

The Big Five

Ovoro’s Big Five asset collection trades with five different assets with a relatively high market cap.

  • Cardano
  • XRP
  • Solana
  • Polkadot
  • Polygon


The Ovoro Green asset collection trades assets that are considered more environmentally friendly than other alternatives:

  • Algorand
  • Mina
  • Miota
  • HBAR


The Ovoro Summer asset collection trades with Binance leveraged tokens (BLVTs). At the moment, traded BLVTs are BTCUP and ETHUP with 1:1 allocation.

A phone with the Ovoro Summer asset collection opn, sowing over 46 percent profit in March 2023
Ovoro Performance Report, March 2023.


If you are a riskier player, the Meme multi-assets collection is for you. It trades the following assets:

  • DOGE
  • LUNA
  • PEPE


The Ovoro Metaverse multi-asset collection trades:

  • MANA
  • AXS
  • ILV
  • MBOX
  • SLP


The Ovoro Storage multi-asset collection trades:

  • FIL
  • STX
  • HOT
  • AR
  • SC

*All assets in the above collections are subject to change.

Under each asset collection, there is a news section. The news is relative to the coins in the collection. We have selected reputable sources to keep you informed about recent crypto news.

The best part?

What makes Ovoro special is the way we manage risk for our users.

With Ovoro, there is no limit to the number of asset collections you can invest in.

Our multi-asset collections help with diversification from the get-go.

However, the best and most valuable feature of Ovoro’s collections is the custom-made stop-loss points each collection is equipped with.

What are stop-loss points?

Stop-loss points are a vital risk management tool in investing. They serve as a safety net for when things start to go down. 

Using stop-loss points is essential for beginner and experienced investors because they are an effective way to control profit loss automatically.

How do stop-loss points work?

When you invest in any of Ovoro’s collections, a stop-loss point is attached to the trade and follows its performance. 

Stop-loss points are different for each collection depending on the volatility of the assets and they are always set below the price at which the trade opens.

As you can see from the example below — as the price goes up — the stop-loss point starts to follow closely. If a price drop occurs and it is above the stop-loss point, nothing will happen. 

As time goes on and, in case there is another price drop, which reaches the stop-loss point, the stop-loss point is automatically activated, and the trade is sold to prevent further profit loss.

an illustration of how stop-loss points work
Stop-loss behavior. (The image is created for demonstration purposes only.)

Each asset collection has a custom stop-loss point that follows the performance of the trade and is automatically triggered to prevent further profit loss.

The power of AI and Ovoro

Portfolio diversification and custom stop-loss points are not the only ways Ovoro manages risk and protects user investments. 

Because the crypto market can be very volatile and dynamic, we have AI systems in place that work to analyze the market, make predictions for price fluctuations, and follow the speed of market trends — something a stop-loss point cannot possibly do.

When Ovoro’s AI predicts abrupt and irreversible price drops, it sells the trade even before a stop-loss point is reached to guarantee the least profit loss possible.

We are still in beta. Real-money investing will be possible when we complete our beta stage. 

Now is the best time to test Ovoro with our virtual money and see which trading opportunity best suits your needs.

Remember! The performance of the Ovoro Collections reflects the real world. All results, good or bad, would have happened with real money, too.