About us

We are ovoro's founders, and we are on a mission.

Picture a late summer afternoon, a barbeque, and a deep conversation between two friends, colleagues, and crypto enthusiasts. We didn't know it then, but we do now - that conversation was pivotal because it was the beginning of everything.

Our first hands-on experience with the crypto industry left us frustrated and overwhelmed but not indifferent.

We knew that things needed to change, So we went on a mission to simplify crypto investing.

Just you, your phone, and Ovoro.

What is Ovoro?

Ovoro is an AI-driven crypto investing app that trades for you.

Automatically. 24/7.

no experience needed

No more crypto exchanges

No more crypto wallets

Diversification at your fingertips.

What are Ovoro's Asset Collections?

We have combined 30+ cryptocurrencies into eight asset collections for you to choose from and diversify your portfolio on the go. With a single tap on your phone.

Ovoro's Asset Collections allow you to invest in several different cryptocurrencies simultaneously - a quick and easy way to diversify your portfolio and manage risk.

Our Asset Collections have automated custom-made trading strategies specific to each collection and the assets in it.

Big Five
Number of Assets: 5

The Big Five Asset Collection is our powerhouse ensemble. It includes five of the most popular crypto assets and demonstrates the diversity and strength of the crypto market.

Number of Assets: 4

As big believers in sustainability, we created the Green Asset Collection to allow like-minded people access to eco-friendly cryptocurrency investing.

Number of Assets: 5

DeFi is exclusively created for enthusiasts of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services. It features cryptocurrencies from key players driving innovation in the DeFi landscape.

Number of Assets: 4

Some memes have crossed over to the world of cryptocurrencies. We've bundled several of the most popular meme coins to bring their potential to Ovoro's users.

Number of Assets: 5

The Metaverse Asset Collection meets popular demand and includes five of the most popular assets of the Metaverse niche to allow users quick access to the diversity of it's crypto coins.

Number of Assets: 6

The Storage Asset Collection by Ovoro features the native coins of six decentralized storage solutions in the industry and brings their combined potential at your finger tips.