From idea to reality

When we first tried cryptocurrency investing, we found a chaotic, overwhelming, and unsafe space with an untapped potential and many problems.

Our efforts to find a simple and safe alternative left us empty-handed, and because we didn't find a solution, we decided to become the solution.

Ovoro was founded in February 2022.

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Febuary - July 2022

After several months of hard work, numerous tests and core version updates, we launched the Ovoro app for Android in July 2022.


Ovoro is launced


First baby steps

July - December 2022

We focused on building our community and improving Ovoro with their help.

  1. Created new asset collections
  2. Added virtual money to Ovoro
  3. First Ovoro users & feedback
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January - December 2023

2023 wasn't without challenges for Ovoro but it was also a time of steady growth and progress in the right direction.

  1. The Ovoro iOS version launched
  2. We added new asset collections and new assets to existing colletions
  3. Started OvoroEdu
2023 Recap


Steady growth


We are here

It has been a long road but we are #AlmostThere.
We are hoping to officially launch in Q2/2024.


In the near future

We will continue to perfect Ovoro and work on meeting popular demand by adding new asset collections to meet user's needs.

We are looking to grow our team by 6-10 people after we officially launch.

Looking forward, we will grow our operations and expand beyond Finland and the EU and focus on building aninternational team of professionals.


Looking forward