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Asset Collections

We have 29 cryptocurrencies spread across 8 Asset Collections

Big Five

The Big Five Asset Collection is Ovoro's powerhouse ensemble. It includes five of the industry's most popular crypto assets - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL).

This collection demonstrates and embraces the diversity and strength of the crypto market, making it easy to diversify your portfolios from the get-go.

screenshot of the Ovoro's Big Five Asset Collection performance chart
screenshot of the Ovoro's Green Asset Collection performance chart


The Green Asset Collection combines innovation with sustainability, showcasing a commitment to ecological awareness in the crypto sphere.

As big believers in sustainability, we have combined Algorand (ALGO), MINA, Miota (IOTA), and Hedera (HBAR) - four good examples of eco-friendly cryptocurrencies in the industry to allow like-minded people access to sustainable cryptocurrency investing.

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More than 6000 people have downloaded and tried the beta vesion of Ovoro.
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This will definitely be very easy to use in investing, especially for new investors who don't have much experience in the crypto industry.

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The perfect place for those who are willing to invest in crypto but don't know how to choose the right investing methods and tools.

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What a great experience!
The interface is clean and very attractive.

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Fast and lightweight. An opportunity to invest in different cryptocurrencies easily and almost effortlessly.

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Great for people who want easy access to the crypto investing world. Excellent for beginner investors.

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Crypto exchanges are complicated and overwhelming. Ovoro is straightforward and accessible.
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No more browser extensions or gadgets. With Ovoro you don't need a crypto wallet.
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We are now a registered Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) and are launching in a few weeks.

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