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Interested in Crypto but don’t know how to? You’ve come to the right place.

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Normal fee 5-10% on profits • Limited access to first 1000 users

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Invest in crypto from an easy to use app.

No experience needed

No prior investing experience is needed. We have streamlined the process of buying and selling.

Invest in pools and earn automatically

With Ovoro you invest in pools, Each pool is a ready-made investment solution. We offer increasing amount of pools to guarantee that there are suitable options for everyone.

Try it for free

Trying Ovoro is totally free. You can play with our virtual currency as long as You wish and only invest real money when You feel confident in using Ovoro.

Get started without any experience of crypto

You don't need any special knowledge about cryptocurrencies or trading. Ovoro makes the investment process as easy as possible. We have created ready-made solutions for investing in cryptocurrency and there are options for everyone.

Invest in pools that trade automatically 24/7

With Ovoro you invest in pools. Each pool does automatic trading with a  selection of tokens. We have pools with multiple tokens and then some which only trade on with one token.

If You would only like to invest on eco-friendly cryptos You can do it by investing in our Green pool or maybe You want to invest on Decentralized Finance tokens. Why not go and invest in our DeFI pool? If Ethereum or Bitcoin is Your thing we also have pools for those.

There's plenty to choose from.

Earn rewards while using Ovoro

We reward our users in multiple ways. You can carry out tasks in Ovoro application to  collect reward points. Reward points can then be used to participate in our raffles for valuable prizes.

You can also join our community, complete simple daily activities and have a chance to collect rewards.

Frequently asked

How does it work?

Ovoro app let's you invest with in-game money into a variety of our investment pools. Performace of the pools reflects real world markets and you can see how your invesments would behave. Complete tasks to earn rewards and compete with your friends.

What does it cost?

Using Ovoro app is totally free.

What's in it for me?

You can try investing wihtout a risk of losing your money. While educating yourself you might even get rewarded.

Where do I get more information?

You can join our Discord or contact us at