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Simplified Crypto Investing

The simplest solution to the biggest problems in the crypto industry is #ComingSoon.

Simplified and automated

Start your crypto investing  journey with a single tap on your phone. Select your favorite cryptocurrencies and we will take care of the rest. Ovoro is an app that automates the trading process 24/7 and manages your portfolio for you. Automatically.

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Diversify like a pro!

Ovoro's Asset Collections give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio on the go. We have curated several crypto asset collections each including up to six carefully preselected cryptocurrencies to match everyone's taste. Just tap and go! It doesn't get any easier than that.

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Easy and accessible

Ovoro is the most accessible way to enter the crypto world and make it's potential work for you.

No need for a crypto wallet

No exchanges, no wallets, no more complicated stuff.

Free to get started

Ovoro is free to download and get started. *Additional conditions apply.

We have


asset collections



16 000+


Ovoro is


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