Ovoro Feedback Campaign

December 22, 2022
3 min read

At Ovoro, we work hard to improve our app so that it is aligned with user expectations and preferences. To learn more about what our users anticipate, we conduct feedback campaigns that can help us improve our product and meet expectations.

What is Ovoro?

Ovoro is an AI-driven crypto investment app. The one thing that makes Ovoro stand out from the crowd is simplicity.


Our custom-made asset collections (formerly known as “pools”) of carefully preselected assets make it possible to invest in several crypto assets simultaneously with a single tap on your phone. Plus, we automate the trading process 24/ 7.

How to participate in the feedback campaign?

Ovoro is currently in beta. We have a simulated trading feature with virtual money, and investing in cryptocurrencies using Ovoro is completely risk-free. To see how Ovoro works and be able to participate in the feedback campaign, follow the steps below:

Test Ovoro out in 5 easy steps, risk-free.
  1. Install Ovoro for Android or iPhone
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Choose any of the available asset collections (more than 1 preferably)
  4. Invest an amount you prefer using the virtual money in your account
  5. Get to know Ovoro better by checking other sections in the app

*The performance of the Ovoro asset collections reflects the real world. All results, good or bad, would have happened with real money, too.

Once you feel you have your opinion about Ovoro and are ready to share it with us, fill out the feedback form.

*Submitting your feedback is completely anonymous and confidential.

**The form no longer collects responses. Please check the results from the campaign below.

Campaign results

Thanks to our devoted community, we received valuable feedback that allowed us to move forward with improving Ovoro.

Here are some of the things we asked and how you responded:

Thanks to your valuable feedback, the Ovoro dark mode became a reality, as well as several other updates that were introduced at later stages.

Thank you for your participation.

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