Ovoro’s AMA Session on Discord on May 23rd Was a Success!

May 24, 2023
2 min. read

We are happy to share that we had an amazing AMA session on May 23rd, 2023 on Discord with more than 800 people present!

What an exciting time it was!

Thank you for coming and joining us, and thank you for your questions and participation!

screensht of the number of participants in the AMA session
We had more than 800 participants during our AMA Session on Discord.

Here is what we talked about for those who missed it! 🙂 (Join us on Discord so you don’t miss our next AMA session because it’s so much fun!)

What is Ovoro?

Ovoro is an app that simplifies crypto investing. Our AI trading system automatically trades and manages the crypto assets you invest in 24/7.

Download Ovoro from ovoro.app, sign-up, and invest the virtual money in your account in any of our preselected asset collections and see how Ovoro works.

Want to know more? Read our story!

When can I use Ovoro with real money?

Sometimes users ask us “When will Ovoro be on Mainnet?”

Ovoro is not blockchain. Therefore, there is no Testnet or Mainnet when it comes to Ovoro.

As an app, we have beta and production stages.

We are now in beta and working on approaching the production stage.

But before our users can invest real money in any of Ovoro’s asset collections, we need to have our operating licenses.

That’s the next milestone on our Roadmap.

Currently, we are working on obtaining them in Finland, and some parts of the EU.

Ovoro is coming soon! Sign up for early access!

Ovoro is coming soon!

What is the Ovoro community? How can I participate?

The Ovoro project is a highly participative one. Without you, our community, none of this would be possible.

By becoming part of our community, you can gain special roles on Discord, and the possibility to participate in quests, special offers, coupons, etc.

Most importantly, you can take part in a growing and exciting project, do a lot of networking, meet like-minded people, participate in the development of an app, and even become a contributor!

What are the Ovoro coupons?

We organize different quests and raffles in our community spaces.

Sometimes we invite you to participate in different quests. Your participation grants you access to different raffles we organize. Raffle winners usually win coupons!

Keep your Ovoro coupons! You will need them when we officially launch as they will be added as investment money to your account balance in the Ovoro app!